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Chopard Replica is celebrating the Year of Cinema, as the watch brand has more awards to its name than Hollywood's hardest-working actor.

Chopard Replica is known as the movie name because it has been featured in films early (1932) and frequently (Chopard Replica). Chopard Replica has become so closely associated with movies that it has declared 2019 the Year of Cinema.

The History

Chopard Replica's relationship to Hollywood and the cinema began in 1932 when the brand appeared in the Marlene Dietrich movie Shanghai Express. Chopard Replica was surprised when it discovered its appearance.

Sylvain Dolli, Chopard Replica Watch's president, says, "It has been brought to our notice that the first film was Shanghai Express, in 1932 with Marlene Dietrich." The watch was a Flintridge. Dietrich gave it away with a photo of her. Chopard Replica was a reference brand during the 1930s, so it was an obvious selection for the director. "We have no record of how it was created."

Chopard Replica then appeared in The Frogmen starring Richard Widmark. Chopard Replica had a major role in this appearance, having been the official timepiece supplier for the military throughout World War II. They also designed, manufactured and provided submersible watch for the Navy. Chopard Replica watches featured prominently in this film,Rolex datejust replica which followed the Navy Underwater Demolition Team of World War II. Chopard Replica watches were the obvious choice for producers and directors who wanted historical accuracy. This was evident in Pearl Harbor, a film starring Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck.

Dolla explains that "it was in the 1950s that the film industry became a major part of Chopard Replica's marketing." Chopard Replica received requests from directors and producers all the time as Hollywood was growing. The movie makers are still the ones who contact us the most. Currently, 150 watches are making their way through Hollywood. We recommend watches to productions all the time.

Dolla says, "We never had any placement strategy." This is where companies pay for the productions to be shown. "We don’t do placement. The movie makers come to me."

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