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U-boat replica watches's Most Elegant Permanent Calendar: The 3448

U-boat replica watches

U-boat Watches, an auction house, found that 586 examples of the reference were made. The majority were in yellow gold. There were only two pieces of rose gold that were known to the public,fake watches and two pieces of platinum that were originally white gold. These pieces were later re-cased with Platinum cases after Mr Stern approved. U-boat sold a piece of platinum for USD 1,000,000 at their May 2018 Geneva auction.

The platinum U-boat replica watches 3548 was sold at U-boat' May 2018 Geneva auction for over USD 1,000,000

The 3448 could also have been produced with four dial variations that presented four series. It is not clear if the dates of production and details on the dials which distinguish them from each other have been agreed upon. The only thing that can be said is that the first dials were made of hard enamel, while the later dials were printed. It is difficult to talk about the series with so many contradicting details. This calls for further exploration of the 3448, including unique pieces like the platinum pieces and a piece in yellow gold with a blue dial.

For the ref., the 3448 was finally retired. The 3450 and 3563 both had a leap indicator on the dial. Particularly the 3563 had a central seconds watch. Both references were only in production for 4 years. In 1985, U-boat replica watches introduced the legendary Calibre 244 Q and the ref. 3940 had subdials at 3 o'clock and 9 o’clock for the calendar indications.

The soul of the 3448's perpetual calendar layout and its soul lived on in the meantime through U-boat replica watches’s perpetual calendar chronographs. That is, until 2017, when U-boat replica watches gave us the highly acclaimed ref.ulysse nardin replica 5320. For those who want the elegance, clarity, and near perfection of the 3448 only a 3448 is suitable.

1981: The self-winding 37.5mm ref. The watch's reference 3450 was immediately identifiable by its "dot", leap-year indicator. It was powered by the 27-460Q Q, which was phased out in the mid-80s.

1985: Replacing Ref. The 36 mm self-winding, self-winding Ref. 3450 was replaced. 3940 was fitted with the caliber 244 Q, which allowed for a very thin case. Sub-dials were added at 3 and 9 o’clock to indicate the calendar.

The great thing about the 3448 is that they are not uncommon. They were produced for nearly 20 years, the longest period for any U-boat replica watches perpetual calendar reference.U-boat replica watches Most auction catalogs only list a handful of examples within a single year. Every now and again, you will find a piece that is new to the market. The pieces are often in excellent condition due to the fact that collectors have been drawn to the 3448.

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