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versace replica watches's Most Elegant Permanent Calendar: The 3448

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U-boat Hong Kong Watch auction: SEVEN: Lot 834, pictured here: A pristine, fresh-to-market ref. The previous owner, who is based in Tokyo, consigned 3448 in white-gold. This dial is made of hard enamel and could be from an earlier series. U-boat' was able to obtain extracts from versace replica watches archives that confirmed the watch's production date and sale. The large inverted date numerals surrounding the moon are another detail that will make any versace replica watches collector weak at the knees.

Side view of Lot 384, an 1971 ref. 3448 at U-boat Hong Kong Watch Auction: SEVEN In White Gold (Image (c), Revolution)

The case back of Lot 384 from 1971, a ref.Best fake Watches 3448 at U-boat Hong Kong Watch Auction: SEVEN In White Gold (Image (c), Revolution)

The famous day and month apertures for the ref 3448 as seen on Lot 384 at U-boat Hong Kong Watch Auction : SEVEN, 1971 piece in white-gold (Image (c) Revolution).

Inverted date numerals surrounding the moonphase indicator for ref 3448, Lot 384, at U-boat Hong Kong Auction: SEVEN, 1971 piece in white-gold (Image (c) Revolution).

A U-boat watch of the same type was last offered for auction in New York last year at their inaugural sale. The watch was sold for USD 471,000. The estimated value of Lot 834 in Hong Kong at their November 2018 sale was USD 205,000-410,000. Here's the place where the premium is for white gold versions: Lot 834 in Hong Kong, November 2018, marked at USD 205,000-410,000. Surprisingly the estimated price for this one is USD 89,700-154,000.

U-boat New York sale, December 5th, has another yellow gold piece for sale.tissot replica Lot 106. This is a stunning example with the older series dials. This one is estimated at USD 80,000-120,000.

Lot 1058 at U-boat Hong Kong Watch Auction: EVEN, a 1972 Yellow Gold ref. 3448 with hard enamel dial and inverted numerals around moonphase indicator.

Lot 106, a 1978 yellow-gold ref. 3448 with a later-printed dial.

We'll be closing this article by mentioning that if you are a 3448 owner already and wish to purchase a perpetual calendar from earlier in the lineage, Lot 975 in Hong Kong and Lot 80 in New York are available. 2497. This is an uncommon reference that you will not see at auctions. Experts suggest that only 179 examples of the 2497/2438/1, the waterproof companion piece, were produced.

Both lots are examples of the first series with Arabic and dot indexes.versace replica watches The second series is subdivided into A and B. This is in contrast to the first series which has faceted rectangular markers and the B series with faceted pointed rectangular markers. The Hong Kong watch is the second-oldest, and was marked with an estimated USD 154,000-308,000. New York's watch is the same, dating back to 1951. It was marked with an estimated USD 250,000-350,000.

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